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Health Plans - Technically Speaking

Cyber Exposures to Health Plan Systems: An Interview with Hacker & CSFI Chief of R&D

With the advent of virtual healthcare, data exposure continues to increase with continual threats against claims systems, providers, and other vital roles in the ecosystem.
Healthcare and infancy

Cognizant 2022 Virtual Healthcare Conference

June 13
, 2022
SourcEdge is a proud Cognizant partner and sponsor of this year’s Cognizant Healthcare Conference June 13-16.
Digital data managment

Cognizant TriZetto: Understanding Data Masking in Healthcare

Delphix and SourcEdge discuss how to overcome the complexities of de-identifying TriZetto®.
Career Conversations with Kelly

Mark McAdoo Discusses Healthcare Trends With Kelly Deily

Drexel University podcaster Kelly Deily catches up with SourcEdge CEO and Drexel alum on healthcare IT and entrepreneurship.