Turnkey Data Management Solutions

A trusted partner for highly complex, technical projects

When it comes to protecting PHI, upgrading infrastructure, providing cloud-based data analytics, and transforming raw data into actionable information, SourcEdge offers a turnkey solution. With our highly trained team, we move from diagnosing problems to implementing solutions with precision and efficiency.

Success Story

Digital solutions

Protecting PHI Data while Improving Developer Efficiency

Our solution scrambles and deidentifies data the same way every time. It uses significantly less storage space and improves developer efficiency—which results in an increased ROI. 

Our Services

Data Management & Modernization

  • Assessment
  • Analysis
  • Architecture & Design
  • Conversion (translation)
  • Migration to Modern Systems (or cloud)
  • Security

PHI De‑Identification and Virtualization

  • Using Delphix 
  • Analysis
  • Conversion (translation) 
  • Migration to Modern Systems (or cloud)
  • Security

Database Infrastructure Services

  • Upgrades (e.g., from Oracle 11g to 19c (cloud))
  • Audit of Database Licenses (to save money)
  • Proven methodology / proven model used in many projects

Flexible Engagement

Project Delivery

We lead and implement full lifecycle projects that maximize the value from IT systems, meet regulatory requirements, gain operational efficiencies, and secure competitive advantages.


To meet the customized needs of our clients and fill the gaps between staff augmentation and full-implementation, we provide à la carte consulting services for technology-enabled health care.

Staff Augmentation

Through our broad and deep healthcare network of talented people, we augment our client’s staff with experts who understand the business and technologies our clients rely on every day.

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