To meet the customized needs of our clients and fill the gaps between staff augmentation and full-implementation, we provide à la carte consulting services for technology-enabled health care.

Our consultants work hand in hand with clients as integral members of the team. We mentor employees across the board—from the call center all the way up to company executives.

A few of our consulting successes:

Claims Systems

How One U.S. Health Plan Rapidly Expanded in ACA and Medicaid Using Facets

Data comes into a health plan in many ways. By taking multiple data sources and consolidating them into one hub, it becomes actionable for key decision-making.


Claims Systems​

Configuration, integration, upgrades, and enhancements to modernize any system

Data Management

The right tools for assessment, design, conversion, migration and PHI security

Analytics / BI

Comprehensive reporting information for critical business decisions

Digital Health

Mobile options for patient engagement, price transparency, and member access

Value-Based Care

Enabling patient-centric treatment for improved outcomes and cost savings

Talk to an Expert


2024 Cognizant Health Sciences Conference

SourcEdge, An Alivia Company, was Cognizant’s First Healthcare Certified Consulting Partner. During this four-day event, SourcEdge and Alivia Analytics will discuss its combined products and services for commercial and government health plans.