Cognizant TriZetto: Understanding Data Masking in Healthcare

Learn how to overcome the complexities of de-identifying TriZetto® healthcare data and healthcare EDI files to protect PII/PHI data.

Over two dozen Cognizant TriZetto customers use Delphix data masking to secure their databases and integrated EDI files for B2B file transfers, AI/ ML, non-production database copies, dev/test operations, cloud migrations, and more.

In this webinar, Jeannine Crownover, MHA, explains the benefits of using a proven enterprise platform for data masking for claims processing, billing, member enrollment, and other healthcare applications.

Jeanine is joined by Steve Sideris, VP of Client Delivery for SourcEdge, a technology solutions company with deep and broad experience in claims systems, data management, digital health, value-based care, and analytics / BI for health plans in the US. Sharon Bell moderates this talk.

Topics covered in the webinar include:

  • Transforming sensitive data into fictitious yet relevant values – irreversibly.
  • Using an enterprise data masking solution to protect PII/PHI data helps you keep pace with continually changing compliance mandates.
  • Understanding how to define masking rules for claims data relevant to HIPAA’s Safe Harbor clause.