Cognizant TriZetto: Understanding Data Masking in Healthcare

Learn how to overcome the complexities of de-identifying TriZetto® healthcare data and healthcare EDI files to protect PII/PHI data.

Over two dozen Cognizant TriZetto customers use Delphix data masking to secure their databases and integrated EDI files for B2B file transfers, AI/ ML, non-production database copies, dev/test operations, cloud migrations, and more.

In this webinar, Jeannine Crownover, MHA, explains the benefits of using a proven enterprise platform for data masking for claims processing, billing, member enrollment, and other healthcare applications.

Jeanine is joined by Steve Sideris, VP of Client Delivery for SourcEdge, a technology solutions company with deep and broad experience in claims systems, data management, digital health, value-based care, and analytics / BI for health plans in the US. Sharon Bell moderates this talk.

Topics covered in the webinar include:

  • Transforming sensitive data into fictitious yet relevant values – irreversibly.
  • Using an enterprise data masking solution to protect PII/PHI data helps you keep pace with continually changing compliance mandates.
  • Understanding how to define masking rules for claims data relevant to HIPAA’s Safe Harbor clause.

SourcEdge Joins Alivia Analytics

The unified organization combines SourcEdge’s claims system technology optimization expertise with Alivia’s AI-powered payment integrity / FWA data and analytics platform.