Cognizant 2022 Virtual Healthcare Conference

SourcEdge is a proud Cognizant partner and sponsor of this year’s Cognizant Healthcare Conference June 13-16. During this four-day event, SourcEdge will feature the following:

Cyber Exposures to Health Plan Systems: An Interview with Hacker & CSFI Chief of R&D

  • In this interview, SourcEdge CEO Mark McAdoo gains insight from Brad Hutson, Chief of Cyber Research and Development for the Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI). They discuss data security in the healthcare marketplace and Brad’s role as a professional “white hacker.” The topics will include threats and attack vectors being used, what the bad guys want, common exploits among healthcare providers, vulnerability risks from third parties and vendors, using a data vault, and a security message for healthcare CEOs.

Scheduled Discussions at the SourcEdge Virtual Exhibit Booth

  • Speak with healthcare technology experts from SourcEdge from Cyber Security and Data Management to our other solution areas such as Claims Systems, Analytics / BI,  Value-Based Care, and Digital Health. Other SourcEdge content will be available within our Virtual Exhibit Booth.

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SourcEdge Joins Alivia Analytics

The unified organization combines SourcEdge’s claims system technology optimization expertise with Alivia’s AI-powered payment integrity / FWA data and analytics platform.