Full Support for PowerMHS & PowerSTEPP

Modernize or migrate your Power claims system

Are you concerned about support and maintenance ending for your mission-critical PowerMHS or PowerSTEPP claims system? Many organizations running these systems have not taken steps to avoid a catastrophic lapse in their automated claims. SourcEdge offers the expertise and options to bridge the gap by keeping your legacy systems operational while assisting you with migration to a new platform.

Our Team

SourcEdge team members were among the original software developers of the Power claims systems and know the products inside and out. This means that we have the unique expertise to support the operational requirements of both claims systems. At SourcEdge, we live and breathe in the world of IT for health plans.

We Can Offer You:

Configuration, development, and IT assistance

System upgrade assistance including cloud migrations

Data management, integration with MHS or STEPP data, etc.

Migration to new core platforms including all of the major products

Strategic planning for the long-term support of MHS or STEPP

This process is typically complex and time-consuming, but our Power experts can simplify it so you can avoid a catastrophic lapse in your automated claims.

Please contact SourcEdge to discuss your options.

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