Value-Based Care & Impacts on Health Plans / Systems: Lili Brillstein and Mark McAdoo Catchup

When it comes to healthcare, excellence, and accessibility is essential to both the provider and the payer.  

In this interview, SourcEdge CEO Mark McAdoo gains insight from Lili Brillstein, Founder and CEO of BCollaborative. They discuss Brillstein’s journey from public health into value-based health care. Brillstein has worked both on the provider and payer sides and brings a public health perspective to all of the work. She is passionate about building partnerships between payers, providers, and other stakeholders that focus on improving patient outcomes and experiences and managing overall care costs.

Topics covered in the interview include:

  • The current state of value-based care in today’s healthcare climate
  • Understanding both payer and provider expectations
  • Advice to position solutions with payer and provider decision-makers

About Lili Brillstein:

Lili Brillstein is a nationally recognized leader in the advancement of Episodes of Care/Bundled Payments as a value-based approach for specialty care, and in promoting the migration from provider-focused, fee-for-service to patient-centered, fee-for-quality payment models. Actively engaged in changing the health care delivery and payment paradigm, and cultivating functionally collaborative relationships between payers, providers, pharma and start-ups across the full continuum of health care.

About SourcEdge:

SourcEdge lives and breathes in the world of IT for health plans. We serve as a trusted technology solutions provider, staying on top of the regulatory mandates to protect patient information, working closely with world-class software, database, and cloud providers, and focusing on technology solutions that achieve financial and operational returns. Our talented people bring the most modern tools and proven best practices to each project to help health plans serve their members / patients and providers every day. We use a proven process for flexible engagements, from project delivery and consulting to staff augmentation.


2024 Cognizant Health Sciences Conference

SourcEdge, An Alivia Company, was Cognizant’s First Healthcare Certified Consulting Partner. During this four-day event, SourcEdge and Alivia Analytics will discuss its combined products and services for commercial and government health plans.