Success Story

Extending the Life of Systems through Modernization

Problem: Outdated Systems

In today’s changing landscape, health plans are continually challenged to modernize and extend the life of their systems.  

When the client approached us, they had just been notified that their CPU (central processing unit), an old HP-UX mainframe, was being retired and would no longer be serviced. The system was being used to run their database on Oracle, store demographic information, and operate the Amisys claims payment system. 

Using this CPU, all computerized tasks had to be handled on site, and in the event of a disaster, the company estimated that its RTO (return to operations) would take six months to one year. 

To make things more complex, Amisys hadn’t been updated in eight years and was three releases behind. The program had been in use for more than 15 years and had been highly customized with surround code to fit their operations. 

The clock was ticking, and modernizing this system would be a massive undertaking. 

Solution: Upgrading Hardware, Updating Software, and Moving to the Cloud

We quickly recognized that the solution would have three distinct parts: upgrading hardware, updating software, and transitioning to the cloud. 

This transition would involve work on servers, a number of updates on local workstations, modernizing operating systems, updating Oracle databases, and streamlining disaster recovery options. In addition, the building’s telecommunications circuits had to be updated to communicate with the internet at higher speeds.  

To meet these objectives as effectively and efficiently as possible, we created a detailed project plan and worked with the project manager to update it throughout the process. In addition, we played a major role in the customization of the product.

SourcEdge: Discovering and Modernizing Code

Since the system had been highly customized, we worked with the businesspeople who used it to discover thousands of lines of surround code. We then modernized the code to make it compatible with the new version of Amisys. 

In going from HP-UX to Linux, we had to write new embedded code for the operating system. Because the primary source code of the application is patented by Amisys, the team wrote surround code to make the transition work. In addition, we reworked the Oracle database to make it compatible. Throughout the process, all downstream data was deidentified to protect member privacy and maintain compliance with state and federal regulations.

We provided consulting, additional people for staff augmentation, additional developers, as-needed EDI/configuration people, and IT. We worked hand in hand with the client’s IT team to bring the project in on time and on budget.

Outcome Achieved: A Lightning Fast, Cost-Effective Solution

The client was taken from an old, antiquated system to a new, cloud-based system that is fast, efficient, and cost effective. Employees are no longer tied to a physical location and can now work remotely, and the disaster recovery plan has been modernized. 

We did away with excess and legacy applications that were no longer needed because the functions were included in the core product. The faster system is also much easier to support, which in turn saves the client money.

At SourcEdge, what we do is unique. It requires a high degree of professionalization to stay in compliance and protect patient data while managing a project with this level of complexity. We served as a key player, bringing the background knowledge to pull all the pieces together. 

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