SourcEdge Unveils AMISYS Modernization Practice to Help Payers Future-Proof Claims Processing

Support for the AMISYS claims processing system is winding down fast, and health plan CIOs now face a high-stakes choice: rip and replace their core operational platform for something new, or migrate this proven performer from its legacy mainframe roots to a contemporary cloud environment.

Both options are “bet the business” decisions for any IT organization. Today SourcEdge made that a safer bet by unveiling its AMISYS Modernization Practice, a turnkey modernization service to help payers ensure the long-term viability of their mission-critical AMISYS claims processing and administrative platform.

Led by Eric Two Bears, Client Services VP and a nationally recognized AMISYS expert, this new SourcEdge practice area can help payers efficiently modernize, upgrade, configure, and enhance their AMISYS environment, evolving the legacy mainframe system to a modern, customizable, and future-proofed solution.

Previously Vice President and Senior Lead Architect of DST/SS&C Health—the company that developed AMISYS—Two Bears has already led five successful AMISYS migrations from HP-UX to Red Hat Linux, cloud-enabling AMISYS in the process to ensure the long-term viability and ROI of the platform for his health plan clients.

“AMISYS is the lifeblood of any health plan that uses it, and CIOs want to avoid the high cost, high risk, lengthy implementation, and retraining associated with converting to a new vendor’s solution,” Two Bears says. “On the other hand, they want to avoid the technical, financial, and operational risks of migrating to a different operating environment. Now the decision is easy. SourcEdge has everything CIOs need to mitigate the risk, from the resource plan to the tasks required, to the infrastructure testing, to the talent. And we’ll share the full plan transparently, with no obligation. Our approach works, and we have the references to prove it.”

SourcEdge customers agree. “We decided the time had come to move forward and modernize our AMISYS claims platform,” says the CIO of mid-sized health plan with more than 500,000 covered lives. “We faced a series of critical IT upgrades that were required as part of our modernization plan, including our core operating system and moving to the latest version of AMISYS. Other vendors didn’t have the resources or the expertise to get us there. SourcEdge had the AMISYS experience, strategic plan, and IT talent to help us make the move and ensure optimal performance after the fact. Now we’re in a position to enhance the platform over time to ensure it continues to meet our requirements, without compromises.”

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