SourcEdge Introduces ClaimOptima for Testing TriZetto Facets Product Builds

ClaimOptima™ by SourcEdge is the industry’s first and only platform specifically engineered to automate and optimize the testing of TriZetto Facets product builds. You can execute rapid testing using your health benefit designs and test claims — all seamlessly working together.

The time savings are nothing short of revolutionary — what used to take weeks can now be accomplished in mere minutes. But it’s not just about speed; it’s about precision. ClaimOptima is designed to eliminate human errors and even self-correct as it learns, ensuring unparalleled accuracy.

What you get:

  • Improved quality of testing results
  • Speed the time of testing
  • Reuse & centralize knowledge
  • Fewer amounts of testers needed

Learn more about ClaimOptima. See how it works, watch a video, and schedule a demo.

Inspiration Serving Over 25 Health Plans

Using this proprietary technology for our consulting efforts led to high customer demand for ClaimOptima. After witnessing the speed and quality of the results, the platform was made available for commercial use. SourcEdge serves as a trusted technology solutions partner helping health plan CIOs and VPs modernize and maintain their claims and business systems. We bring modern tools and talented people to every initiative helping health plans serve their members / patients and providers.


2024 Cognizant Health Sciences Conference

SourcEdge, An Alivia Company, was Cognizant’s First Healthcare Certified Consulting Partner. During this four-day event, SourcEdge and Alivia Analytics will discuss its combined products and services for commercial and government health plans.