We unveiled a new practice area devoted to helping payers who rely on the AMISYS system. The practice’s primary focus is to help payers perform a required migration from HP-UX to Red Hat Linux, but we also offer other services—such as performance optimization, configuration, surround-code remediation, and customization (including custom coding)—for payers who have already migrated.

Who is this practice for?

Health plan CIOs who:

  • Rely on the AMISYS system for claims processing and other administrative and operational business functions
  • Recognize that the HP-UX mainframe operating system is approaching end-of-life and will no longer be supported
  • Want to mitigate or eliminate the high risk and cost of migrating to a completely new vendor’s solution
  • Want or need to preserve or extend their investment in this system and their organization’s custom business logic
  • Want to evolve and ultimately future-proof their organization’s HIT environment with to a modern, contemporary computing platform
  • Want to optionally own and customize the AMISYS source code
  • Need a proven methodology for migrating, configuring, and performance optimizing AMISYS on Red Hat Linux and, optionally, the cloud

What is the name of the practice?

SourcEdge Solutions’ AMISYS Modernization Practice.

Who is SourcEdge?

SourcEdge Solutions was founded and is led by seasoned healthcare executives from leading healthcare IT organizations, including IBM, DST/SS&C, and McKesson. SourcEdge has one goal: to improve health plans’ competitive advantage with best-in-class healthcare IT consulting and services for strategic planning, transformation and tech-enabled initiatives, specialized IT projects, and technical recruiting.

How long has this new practice been available?

This new practice has been operating successfully in the field for several months, and the time was right to announce it publicly. This is the latest in a series of healthcare IT consulting practices for payers that SourcEdge has developed and refined. These include:

  • Healthcare consulting for strategy creation, core transformation, and service modernization for payers (which the new AMISYS Modernization Practice falls under)
  • Healthcare tech-enabled services to help payers find specialized business and technical talent to support tech-enabled initiatives
  • Healthcare talent acquisition for payers, including a temp-to-perm service
  • Healthcare IT RPO to outsource payer recruitment management in whole or in part
  • Healthcare IT advisory service to give payers access to our national executive network

Who leads the practice?

The practice is led by Eric Two Bears, Vice President of Client Services for SourcEdge, and one of the healthcare IT industry’s preeminent AMISYS experts. Prior to establishing the AMISYS Modernization Practice at SourcEdge, Two Bears was Vice President and Senior Lead Architect at DST/SS&C, the company behind AMISYS. There he led the Health Solutions Consulting Division and Project Management Office, where he established a best-in-class PMO, and orchestrated concurrent implementation projects for customers across the company’s payer products and services. Two Bears has more than 30 years of healthcare IT experience.

What does the migration service entail?

SourcEdge’s AMISYS Modernization Practice helps payers efficiently modernize, upgrade, configure, and enhance their AMISYS environment to ensure the long-term viability and ROI of the platform. The SourcEdge team will move AMISYS from the legacy mainframe system to a modern, customizable, and future-proofed solution. The new environment consists of an x86 PC client-server architecture running Red Hat Linux and Oracle. It can optionally use VMware to virtualize the environment so it can run and scale highly efficiently in a secure private cloud, which SourcEdge recommends for the fullest future proofing.

Are references available?

Yes. Eric Two Bears’ team has successfully completed five AMISYS migrations and is in the process of its sixth. We would be happy to put you in touch with our clients past and present.

What do the project plans entail?

Our AMISYS Modernization Practice provides everything a CIO needs to mitigate risk and ensure a smooth, seamless, high-performance migration. This includes the resource plan, the task list, infrastructure testing, IT talent, and COBOL programming talent.

Can I review a project plan?

We would also be happy to share actual project plans that we have used to successfully complete past migrations. Please note that most, if not all, consulting services organizations typically charge a significant fee for access to planning documents in advance of an engagement. We will share these plans without any fee or obligation, because we believe doing so is in the best interest of our clients.

Who can I contact for more information?

Press and media can contact SourcEdge Media Relations at

Customers can contact Eric Two Bears directly or call SourcEdge at 267-428-1413.

About SourcEdge Solutions

Founded and led by healthcare executives from IBM, DST/SS&C, and McKesson, SourcEdge Solutions improves health plans’ competitive advantage with best-in-class healthcare IT consulting and services for strategic planning, transformation and tech-enabled initiatives, specialized IT projects, and technical recruiting. Learn more at