Healthcare Advisory Services

Our executive business services are designed to provide expertise to investors seeking to provide funding to organizations, as well as the organizations receiving funding. The intent of these services is to support the evaluation of investment opportunities and at post funding, help entrepreneurs build the teams they need for execution.

Healthcare information technology is one of the fastest growing investment markets. The pace of investment coupled with the specialization of the industry requires a strong partner.  A critical step in the investment process is due diligence. In this phase, having an experienced partner helps avoid costly-overhyped promises. At the end of the process, having access to the right resources that are typically needed to move the investment to execution is critical to long-term success. 

SourcEdge is the right partner for both healthcare investors and entrepreneurs, because we actively invest in early growth stage organizations and we’ve successfully existed several of our own healthcare businesses.

Venture and Private Equity Investor Support Services:

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Early to Growth Stage Company Support Services:

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